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Rental Owner Information

McBride Properties, LLC is a local company offering personalized and professional property management.  We are committed to delivering our services with integrity and accuracy.
  • Full-Service Property Management  

  • Owner Operated locally for over 18 years

  • Licensed by Oregon Real Estate Agency

  • Specializing in Single Family Rentals

  • Simple Fee Structure

  • Peace of Mind!

Services Include:


  • Managing advertising

  • Thoroughly screening applicants

  • Securing tenants in accordance with Oregon Statutes, the Fair Housing Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Retaining good tenants

  • Enforcing the terms of the rental agreement

  • Handling tenant issues and disputes in accordance with the Residential Landlord Tenant Act

  • Collecting rent, fees, and deposits

  • Conducting property inspections

  • Managing maintenance requests

  • Paying property invoices

  • Forwarding owner proceeds monthly

  • Sending monthly owner statements

  • Sending annual owner statements and 1099 forms

  • Keeping accurate records

  • Keeping up-to-date on applicable Oregon laws

  • Archiving all owner/tenant records for six years as required by law

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